factory automation system

Why a factory automation system important for your business?

In modern times, with the rapid development of science and technology, machinery and equipment are becoming more and more powerful, more efficient, more intelligent, and their applications are becoming more and more widespread. Factory automation system, as an example, has now become a necessary work aid in many factories. With the development of society, the emergence of automation technology has had a huge impact on human society. In the past, automation technology was not considered to be a replacement for human labor. Today, however, the innovations brought about by the factory automation system are something that everyone needs to know about.

By introducing industrial automation technology and robotics and applying them in factories and workshops, the workflow of companies has been changed. Workflows started to become smoother, faster and significantly more efficient. Not surprisingly, the use of factory automation systems is changing many industries and has become a major part of the manufacturing process in many factories. If you are looking forward to using a factory automation system in your business, but still have a lesser understanding of it, this article will show you Why a factory automation system is important for your business?

What is factory automation system?

Factory automation system is a system that uses automated control and adjustment devices to systematically replace manual production with a series of machines in industrial production, allowing people to indirectly supervise the production of machines and to fully automate the production process by relying on them. The production process can be fully automated by machines for measurement, manipulation, control, detection, optimization, management and decision making. This has contributed to the progress of industry and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. Today, automation technology is widely used in mechanical engineering, electricity, construction, information technology, and other fields, and has substantially increased productivity.

Importance of factory automation system for your business

The formation of automation has changed the way industries operate, reducing the need for redundant and dangerous manufacturing processes that require human labor. Here are some of the reasons why a factory automation system is important and can make a huge difference to your business.

Reduced production costs and increased efficiency: Because automation requires less human intervention, factory automation systems can be used to reduce production and labor costs for your business. In addition, factory automation system can also effectively improve the efficiency of product production. The same production work, when performed by humans, can have an error rate of up to 10 percent, but when performed by machines, the possibility of error is greatly reduced. This helps to increase the productivity of the company.

And because of the nature of industrial automation technology, production is continuous, 24-hour operation. Therefore, this can provide companies with a competitive advantage when it comes to increasing capacity and reducing the cost of downtime that companies must pay.

Flexibility: Human operators need training, but they may not be able to keep up with the pace as the tasks keep changing. In contrast, machines have the advantage that they can be reprogrammed to work in a short period of time, giving them the flexibility to adapt to different tasks.

Safety: When workers are given risky manufacturing tasks, they will pose a significant safety risk to the worker. However, these safety risks for humans are sometimes not a threat for robots. Thus, factory automation systems can replace humans for more dangerous manufacturing tasks.