Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia

Jom Apply Time Fibre Malaysia As The Best Internet Plan

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to go through our daily lives without needing to use the internet. Internet services have been rapidly increasing lately due to the shift of everyday work to the online platform. The reliance on the internet can be seen in restaurants, retail shops, workplaces, and even in schools! More so during the pandemic in 2020, where everyone had to stay home and work from home until the pandemic settles down. Therefore, with the constant need of using the internet, you can opt to try Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia as your internet service plan. 

Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia

What is Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia?

It’s an internet service that provides customers with high-speed internet and deals to ensure customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. So, if you’re looking to get internet plans for your home or office, Time fibre Malaysia is the internet service for you. 

What makes Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia the number one recommendation for an internet plan?

Time fibre Malaysia is known to provide one of the fastest internet speeds to ensure customers like yourself, enjoy surfing the web without buffering so much. Time fibre Malaysia also provides the best value in their internet plan, should you consider getting one yourself. What it means by best value is, that you can purchase their internet plan at an affordable price, and are able to use it with your entire family or friends, without having to worry about network lag. 

Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia

Another thing about their internet service plan is the quality network that Time fibre can offer. Time fibre Malaysia utilizes advanced broadband technology, which is the fibre-optic (and its in the name as well, fibre) cables. By adapting fibre-optic cables, Time fibre Malaysia is able to transmit data more rapidly compared to regular DSL or cable modems. Who does not want to pass up rapid data transmission and high-speed internet? Certainly not the majority.

Seamless connectivity also contributes to why Time fibre is one of the top choices to consider when getting an internet service plan. As aforementioned, you’re able to connect seamlessly through multiple devices, together with a wide extensive home wireless coverage. Last but not least, should you face any difficulty when surfing the web using Time fibre Malaysia, you are able to contact Time’s expert support to help you deal with whatever technical problems you are facing. 

Okay, interesting. How would I know what plans to choose then?

There are two kinds of plans for Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia. The first package is for Home, and the other package is for Business. It’s pretty straightforward in terms of categories, therefore other than that will be depending on your needs – which internet plan is the one for you? 

Home Package 

There is only one plan under the Home package for Time fibre Malaysia, which is Time Basic. It is one of the basic internets you can get for your home, considering that you won’t do much other than streaming your favourite shows or movies with your family and friends. What’s great about the home package is you are able to enjoy 100 Mbps of internet speed for only RM89 monthly! That alone proves Time’s best internet plan value. There are also some other benefits you can enjoy when purchasing the Home package as your main internet service provider. 

Business Package

For the business package, there are 3 plans to choose from, 2 of which are retail edition, and one office edition. Currently, all 3 plans under the business package are having discounts, therefore the current price for each plan are as follows:

  • 100mbps Retail Edition – RM138/month
  • 300mbps Retail Edition – RM258/month
  • 100mbps Office Edition- RM218/month

Since there are 3 plans to choose from, it is important to note your retail size before choosing which internet speed plan will suit your retail space better. By choosing the right plan for your retail space, customers will also enjoy smooth transactions on their part. The office edition needs no introduction as the office edition is mainly offered for those who work in office space. Purchasing the office plan will provide high-speed internet for you and your coworkers, to be able to submit and do work efficiently without lagging or slow buffering. All 3 plans have 24-month contracts, and other benefits exist for each plan too. 

So what are you waiting for? Jom Apply Time fibre Malaysia today!

With the use of fibre-optic cables and high-speed internet services, Time fibre Malaysia is your great choice to secure one of the best internet plans in the country. Spend accordingly and you will be able to enjoy many benefits and deals when you become Time’s long-lasting customer.